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Tata Alert

TATA Alert - Road Side Assistance

Road Side Assistance program for ICV, M&HCV range of trucks & buses plying along Golden Quadrilateral, N-S/ E-W corridor, National Highways & State highways; excluding North East, & Disturbed areas.


* For vehicles stranded for more than 24 hours (T&C apply)

Offers for the Customer

  • Restoration of Vehicles within 24 Hours covering with all National Highways, SH and GQ EW-NS (2.47 lacs kms coverage).
  • Reach time within 4 Hours i. e. reaching at the breakdown site on receipt of Customers Call.
  • If Vehicle not delivered in 24 hours, Rs. 1000/- paid for each day delay after 48 Hrs. (Prorata basis) as compensation.
  • Compensation paid in the form of Coupons. It can be exchanged for the purchase of Parts and Prolife at any of our authorized channel partner.
  • For Paid Repair Customer has to pay estimated cost of repair to TML.
  • If vehicle is drivable, it will not be covered under this scheme.
  • Load transfer and towing facility available on Customer's cost.
  • For the vehicles beyond Warranty norms, Customer will be charged deputation charge of Rs. 1500/- over and above the repair charges. This offer will not be applicable if the customer does not agree to pay the charges.
  • The decision of usage of Prolife/ Float unit lies with TML. In the event the customer not agreeing for not using Prolife /float aggregates this offer will not be applicable.
  • Tyres, Batteries, Bulbs not to be covered.
  • Accidental vehicles are not covered.
  • Ancillary repairs are excluded from this job due to third party involvement.

Note: TML will be responsible for attending to vehicle on road with specified terms & conditions and with no other liabilities.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Models Covered

MHCV Trucks

  • 1613TC-LPT
  • 1613TC-SE
  • 1613TC-SFC
  • 1613-LPT
  • 1613-SE
  • 1613-LPT
  • 1613-SFC
  • 1615-LPT
  • 1615-SFC
  • 1615TC-LPT
  • 1616-LPT
  • 1616-SFC
  • 1618-LPT
  • 2518-LPT
  • 2518TC-LPT
  • 2518TC-LPT-6X4
  • 3118TC-LPT
  • 3723TC-LPT-10X2
  • 3723TC-LPT-10X4
  • 3718TC-LPT 10x2
  • 3518TC-LPS
  • 4018TC-LPS
  • 4923TC-LPS-6X4
  • PRIMA-4028S
  • PRIMA-4928S
  • PRIMA-LX-4023S
  • PRIMA-LX-4028S
  • PRIMA-LX-4923S
  • PRIMA-LX-4928S

ICV Trucks

  • 812 Ultra
  • 909-LPT BS IV
  • 909-SFC
  • 912-ULTRA
  • 1109-LPT
  • 1109-LPT-CRDI BS IV

MCV Buses

Applicable for Buses plying in states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu under Intercity & Mofussil

  • 1512-LP/LPO BSIV
  • 1512TC-LP/LPO
  • 1612TC-LP/LPO
  • 1612TC-LPO
  • 1618TC-LP/LPO BS IV


  • If vehicle is drivable, it will not be covered under this scheme.
  • All warranty vehicles plying on GQ/ N-S ; E-W Corridor and all NHs, SH's as per declared Vehicle Models are covered under this scheme.
  • Vehicles beyond warranty are covered in scheme.
  • Repair monitoring time shall commence only after the vehicle is made available by customer to response team.
  • Towing/ Load Transfer Assistance shall be provided at customer's cost and shall be at the sole discretion of the customer.
  • Tyres, Batteries and Bulbs not to be covered.
  • Accidental vehicles are not covered.



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