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Commercial Tata Ace Truck in India

Born in the year 2005, Tata Ace has changed the way India used to carry the load of goods. This revolution has enabled various opportunities for businesses and employment in the cargo sector of India. It is known for the various aspects like durable, sturdy and smooth functioning on all type of climatic conditions & difficult terrains. It is engineered for the fully built application use such as containers, cold chain solutions, municipal solutions, water tanker, cafeteria on wheels etc. Pasco Motors is a leading authorized dealer of commercial vehicles of Tata Motors such as buses and trucks. The showrooms of Pasco are located at the various parts of Northern India. It includes Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Buy Tata Ace Mini Truck from Pasco Motors

The launch of Tata Ace has changed the complete overview of the small business segments. The broad range of Tata Ace includes Ace HT, Ace XL and Ace CNG, Ace Mega, Ace Mega XL, Ace Zip, Ace Zip XL & New Super Ace Mint. The model of standard Ace HT comes with the pre-fitted 702 CC Engine (Two Cylinder) with 4 speed manual gearboxes that deliver the speed of 60 KM/H. It has the latest designed cabin which makes the drive comfortable on longer routes. The truck is best suitable for delivering goods over short distances. The customers can experience this truck at the authorized Tata ACE showroom of Pasco Motors.

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